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What can government do?

This map shows us that the state is failing to efficiently redistribute well-located public land for affordable housing. There are many existing ways that the government can release public land and develop affordable housing. Four of the main mechanisms for releasing land for affordable housing are:

  • Selling, leasing or donating land to Social Housing Institutions and the private sector
  • Interstate transfer
  • Land acquisition
  • Expropriation

Click here to learn more about how land can be released for affordable housing. There is no excuse for the lack of progress!

What can you do?

Public land is your land. What can you do to make sure that it is used for the benefit of all of us?

  • Spread the word: share with other people and post on social media
  • Join or support an existing housing movement
  • Get organised with your friends and neighbours
  • Place pressure on the state to urgently follow through on existing commitments for well-located affordable housing by writing to public representatives. For example, you could put pressure on your ward councillor to use public land in your ward for public benefit. Find your ward councillor here
  • You can see how much public land exists in your neighbourhood and start a campaign for it to be used in a more socially responsive way depending on what your area needs - from affordable housing to public green space to clinics. If you are interested to learn more about the public land in your area, contact us at
  • Follow Ndifuna Ukwazi and Reclaim the City on social media to stay in touch with how to get involved

Every action you take makes a difference - join the fight for affordable housing!

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